Law & GEOPOlitics

Geopolitics, as a method of analysis, consist in studying the strategies, the power relationships and the representations of actors in a conflict for or about territories. 

By nature, geopolitical rivalries are necessarily linked to questions of law since they engage the legal framework structuring the relationship between those actors and can result in the contestation or violation of those rules. It is for example the case when a State challenges the borders of its neighbor, or when a State is victim of a violation of its sovereignty by another State or non-state actor.

The law, as a field of study, is therefore intrinsically linked to geopolitics. It is a tool for both understanding and analyzing ongoing conflicts, it can help actors engaged in a conflict to reaffirm their position, weaken that of their adversaries, to, in the end, tilt the balance of power in their favor. 

The law then becomes a real strategical asset.

A dialogue between legal and geopolitical experts

For several years, CASSINI has been helping law firms and legal departments of major international companies in cases involving international public law. Experience has shown the importance and the added value of the geopolitical method of analysis and its tools, particularly cartography, to help with decision-making and to sustain a legal argument.

To build on these positive experiences, we have decided to structure a dedicated legal service to offer our legal expertise in two specific fields: International public law and digital law.

Theses two fields are a natural continuation of CASSINI’s core expertise and reinforces its experience in the study of the geopolitics of conflicts and of cyberspace. From now on, our geopolitical analysts will be able to rely on the expertise of professors and PhDs in law to sharpen their analyses. Likewise, CASSINI’s legal team will benefit from the help of geopolitics researchers specialized in the study of the datasphere or of specific geographic regions.


CASSINI’s key asset in international law and in digital law is its unique and comprehensive legal expertise in its own core research areas: international conflicts and cyberspace (cybersecurity – governance of the Internet – data protection).

CASSINI’s legal team is able to : 

  • Analyze the legal stakes of an international conflict and evaluate the risks;
  • Uncover the legal strategies of actors in the international system (States, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, corporations, etc.);
  • Help those actors interpret and apply international law in all relevant fields (law of spaces, security law, investment law, etc.) even when there are no conflicts. We can therefore help with your international negotiations, help you legitimize your political decisions through legal argumentation, or accompany you in a dispute resolution process.

The originality of CASSINI’s legal expertise is the mobilization of geopolitical and cartographic knowledge, be they on specific geographical areas or in the new field of cyberspace.

Example of exclusive economic zones for islands in the South China sea according to the legal status of those territories