Cartographic tools have improved a lot in recent years. It is now possible to create cartographic supports with a huge amount of information and with a greater pedagogical capacity in order to allow users to interact directly with the map. The interactivity of the maps offers numerous potentialities, in particular:

    • A progressive reading of the map through a system of checkboxes (CheckBox). This allows the user to make the different layers that are superimposed on the map appear or disappear in order to better understand their correlation.

    • The creation of a cartographic scenario to facilitate the understanding of a complex situation. Within a single window, it is possible to switch between many maps that are completed to address a set of themes.

    • The enhancement of the information contained in a database through pop-up windows. By clicking or hovering the mouse over a point, a line, or a surface, we can obtain different information about its name, nature, and characteristics.

    • The instantaneous change of geographical scale to navigate over the analyzed territories. Sometimes it is necessary to zoom in or zoom out on a map to better understand what is at stake in a study. 


Thanks to its team of engineers, CASSINI has developed its own interactive cartographic interface to exploit the full potential of datasets.


More than a simple data visualization tool, CASSINI's cartographic interface highlights problematized data with the strategic information that is extracted and analyzed by our experts beforehand.


The map is a basic tool of the CASSINI interface and is accompanied by graphics to highlight the main features of the analyzed data. Everything is designed to facilitate the understanding of complex issues.


Most maps need to be updated to maintain their relevance over time. For this reason, we have developed an administrator section within our interface to facilitate data access and modification.


Within this administrator section, it is possible to consult, download, modify, delete or add data. Each modification is considered instantly, allowing the map interface to be updated in real time.


Thanks to this administration section, it is possible to manage your cartographic projects independently.