CASSINI is a company specialized in geopolitical analysis and cartographic production. It was born from an assessment: the academic world and universities produce excellent geographic and geopolitical analyses that can be of great strategic value for companies, organizations or institutions. However, existing relations between academia and the private sector remain underdeveloped and are often characterized by a lack of transfer of the researchers’ knowledge and competences to the more immediate operational needs of companies.

After several years of experience in private companies during their doctoral years, David AMSELLEM and Kevin LIMONIER decided to open a consulting agency that would bring these two worlds together; the challenge was to enable the dissemination of scientific knowledge adapted to the needs of companies and administrations.

With its simplicity, its spirit of synthesis and its pedagogical function, the geopolitical map symbolizes this desire to popularize geopolitical knowledge and its dissemination beyond the academic world.


CASSINI's activities were quickly extended to the digital domain. Certain technical profiles (engineers, data scientists, web designers) joined geopolitical analysts to develop more competitive data processing and graph modeling tools. In this context, a partnership was established between CASSINI and the GEODE center of the University of Paris 8.

Meanwhile, CASSINI developed its expertise in interactive cartography by creating its own interface for the visualization of relevant data.

This dual technical and geopolitical expertise is CASSINI's signature. It is the guarantee of reliable, rigorous and accurate analyses, validated by consultants and researchers who are experts in their field.


Project to create a consultancy specializing in geopolitics and linking the academic world with the private sector.


The CASSINI trademark was registered.


The company CASSINI was created, focusing on a geopolitical and cartographic expertise.


CASSINI expanded its expertise in cyberspace analysis and developed its interactive cartographic interface.


An exclusive partnership was established with the GEODE university research lab, specialized in the strategic and geopolitical issues of the Datasphere.


CASSINI opened an office in Spain.